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Marijuana is classified by the Federal Government as a Schedule I Drug and is federally illegal, HOWEVER the 2015 budget has effectively eliminated the Department of Justice's ability to interfere with state legal programs. Many states have now or will soon legalize Marijuana for varying purposes. Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB's) operating legally in their state under proper licenses, within state and local laws run into major issues finding banking relationships, and their business is currently mainly cash based.


Green AML tracks and reports on this cash based dilemma. We have used this knowledge and trends to develop our patented and copyrighted methods and SOLUTIONS that add value for Financial Institutions, Marijuana Related Businesses, AND Native American Reservations.  

Our end-to-end risk management solutions solve these problems, and help all parties WIN to achieve their own missions .  Our processes are built on traditional Anti-Money Laundering protocols, go beyond federal guidance and state laws, and fully utilizes all the digital information and social media KYC/CDD/EDD information on an online platform to eliminate paper.  

I am an ultra-prudent community/regional bank BSA & Compliance Officer by career, and this program is loved by other prudent BSA Officer's and regulators around the country!  

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Jeffrey Thompson CISA, CRCM, CRISC

President of Green Risk & Compliance Consulting LLC, @Green_AML

GreenAML is an informational site created by responsible banking risk enthusiast Jeffrey Thompson.  Mr. Thompson has a passion for corporate governance, risk management, and compliance with over ten years of experience as a consultant and bank risk manager.  Holding a unique perspective and extensive knowledge on the Bank Secrecy Act & Anti-Money Laundering regulations, he can help the Financial Services Industry, as well as the Marijuana Related Businesses that desperately need consistent and safe financial services. 

Jeffrey is not an expert in Cannabis, or even a novice for that matter, however he is an expert in banking and managing “high risk” bank customers.  He founded Green Risk & Compliance Consulting LLC to service this new “high risk” customer segment: Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB’s).  


Banking, Finance and Investment

Consulting, Speaking and Advising

1.    Legal Medical Marijuana Lobbying:  GreenAML has advised legal medical cannabis industry groups and provided details on the “Key Legislative Obstacles and Discussion points for Medical Cannabis Banking”.   As an expert in the field, GreenAML was chosen for this assignment to help further the cause of solving one of the biggest issues in the legal cannabis industry.

2.     MRB Program Setup and Ongoing Support:  GreenAML has patented a turn-key banking solution employable at either legal Marijuana Related Businesses (MRB’s) or the financial institutions who want to bank them profitably.  This cutting edge high risk industry is one that can be appropriately managed and GreenAML's expertise will solve his client’s “all cash” dilemma.  

a.    On-Call services.  Retain Green Risk and Compliance Consulting LLC for help and on-call service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

b.    Levels of Service:  From the entire MRB Risk Management Program, consulting advice, or even outsourced Site Visits for Financial Institutions with existing MRB portfolio.

3.     In the early 2000’s the “high risk” customers were Money Service Businesses or MSB’s.  His team was hired into a regional bank to “fix” their entire program and ensure cimpliance with current Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering laws.  The engagement was such a success that the bank not only fixed their issues, they took the platform setup and methodologies implemented to grow the customer segment into a very profitable revenue center for the institution.

4.     Governance Risk & Compliance management software copyrights:  GreenAML is a knowledge leader and experienced in the intricacies required to manage risk in the highly regulated financial services industry.  We hold several copyrights to effectively and efficiently manage all the requirements of smaller financial institutions.