Breaking: Federal Judge Snuffed out Pot Credit Union Lawsuit

Marijuana community & supporters in Colorado can stop holding their breath...

The Fourth Corner Credit Union in Colorado has been waiting and fighting for more than a year to get their institution setup in the federal banking system to serve the Colorado Marijuana ecosystem and supporters.  Today a Federal Judge threw out the suit that tried to force the hand of the Federal Reserve  to allow them into the club.  This is not the last we will hear from TFCCU.

@Green_AML is currently up until 4:00AM to bring you this breaking story.  In the coming weeks we will be fully analyzing how this impacts banks, credit unions, GreenAML's products and services, our clients, and future clients.  GreenAML is still very positive on the prospects of Marijuana Banking in 2016 when done safely, prudently, and smartly.

David Migoya of the Denver Post reported that "Judge tosses Denver marijuana credit union's suit for federal approval".

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