ACAMS AML & Financial Crime Conference Roundup #AML #ACAMSHOLLYWOOD

It has been a great three days at the 20th annual ACAMS Money Laundering Conference in beautiful Hollywood FL, I've caught up with many old colleagues and met many more new ones!! 

Here are some key highlights: 

Marijuana banking isn't just having a risk program when you will bank them, bankers must also ACTIVELY make sure they are not! 

MSB Banking is still lacking (we have some great partners for this!)

BlockChain is in version .010, an blockchain has lots more maturity & utility

Bitcoin type companies are offering equity for AML professionals

Funnel accounts are active, and technology is making it harder to identify... VELOCITY of cash is an indicator

Credit Union deposit sharing (allowed to deposit in any credit union) can be used to smurf fairly easily

De-Risking is real

Culture of Compliance

Risk Appetite


AML Talent is Lacking

3rd Party oversight

Coordinate & Communicate

Leveraging Data across the enterprise

Issue Escalation 

Document Document Document





The time has come for Illinois Cannabis and Banking these new businesses!

After what seems like an eternity, and a less than transparent selection methodology, Illinois has approved Marijuana Related Permits for:

17 Cultivation Centers, and 56 Dispensary Awardees with 8 others still under review!

Financial Institutions in Illinois will now be faced with intended and unintended consequences of these approvals!  Please contact GreenAML if you are one of these businesses approved, OR if you are a financial institution interested in learning about or Risk Management methodologies to profitably bank these businesses.   Please see the benefits of such products by visiting our page http://www.greenaml.com/financial-services/ .

We are also open for questions, concerns, or advice via our Contact Page.

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We would like to thank our friends at www.cannabiscontax.com for promoting us along with the best in the industry.   We are here to provide the expertise, and knowledge to help build a transparent, legal, and ethical ecosystem to continue the Revolution of the next $Billion Industry: Legal Marijuana. 

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What a wonderful state Colorado is

Green is the rage here, and more and more dispensaries and ancillary businesses are thriving all around the state.   Congratulations to everyone involved.  If financial services are a need, or a business your financial institution is interested in exploring let GreenAML help.  Our patented methods will exceed the regulatory standards and allow you to profitably, and legally obtain (Marijuana Related Businesses) or maintain (Financial Services Providers) banking solutions for this industry.  Please contact me for a demo or share your feedback.