Destiny in Denver for GreenAML

The stars have alligned for GreenAML on another trip to the great state of Denver!  After an unfortunate mishap involving #spiritair in Fort Lauderdale I missed my ritual 8:15PM flight to Denver.  After much effort and searching there were no other flights tonight or any that would get me to DIA in time for my very important early AM meetings with some #MMJBanking pioneers and innovators.

But destiny had another plan when my brilliant lawyer found that the #FrontierAirlines flight scheduled for 9:05PM departure was delayed until 11:04PM.  With only minutes of leeway my support and inspiration of a girlfriend to drove me to Miami, and I negotiated my way into a ticket on a plane that was supposed to have departed!  

I strolled through TSA and smiled my way to a bulkhead seat for free{this is a must for every leg of every flight for an x-division 1 high jumper!}

The friendly folks at the charging station were mostly #weedtourists, and all were very interested in my patented process for #MMJBanking and concurred with the strategic issue of lack of banking and Credit Cards.   We all exchanged info.  Denver and Legal Weed is a great way to make friends who are actually friendly [No offense New England and South Florida]. 

I have a great feeling that my third of many excursions to the mecca of legal weed this ski season will bring great contacts and success!!  

Now take-off and some much needed rest!  

I will be in Denver friday, Vail and Beaver Creek Sat & Sun, let's meetup!